Measuring Life in Seasons: What Does That Mean to Farmers?


Out here, life is measured in seasons.
The BigIron Seasons campaign seeks to commemorate and preserve the stories of farmers – BigIron’s Customers – and the different seasons of life that they have weathered.

Whether you grew up on a farm, chose it as your career, or married into it, this was your destiny. Seasons to farmers are not just four divisions of the year, marked by the changing weather. It’s planting, harvesting, fixing, planning, and so much more. And after completing a successful or even a disappointing year, farmers take on those seasons again – year after year.

The farm raised brothers who founded BigIron Auction Company still farm to this day and experience life in seasons. Throughout the success of BigIron, their farming roots haven’t changed. Their destiny has kept them in the agriculture business.

With our company foundation built by farmers and the Ag industry being the largest industry we serve, BigIron values Rural America and everything it stands for. Our Seasons campaign is meant to explore what seasons mean to our customers and celebrate the farming community that is built on values of hard work and dedication.

We kicked off our Seasons campaign in March this year by releasing our video, “Out Here, Life is Measured in Seasons”. Take a couple minutes to watch the video above and let us know in the comments if it rang true to your seasons.

BigIron is excited to continue the Seasons campaign with new blog posts and videos that share our customers’ and our company’s stories. Be on the lookout for more!


Seasons Interviews at National Farm Machinery Show 2018

In February this year, we took the opportunity to capture stories from farmers and their families that visited the BigIron booth at the National Farm Machinery Show in Kentucky. You will find the videos below of real people, from all different stages of life, sharing what their seasons have meant for them.