Nienhueser Construction Company: A Legacy Built in the Form of Bricks, Mortar, and Concrete


Celebrating 70 Years of Service to the Sidney, Nebraska Community

On Wednesday, April 26th, Nienhueser Construction and Excavating will hold a retirement auction on Bidding will open on April 7th and close on April 26th, at which time over 600 construction equipment items will be sold to the highest bidder.  

Nienhueser Construction has a rich history, over 70 years. This is their story and a celebration of the many contributions Nienhueser Construction has made to the town of Sidney, Nebraska, as well as, the surrounding communities.

The story begins in 1947, when Cliff Nienhueser and Ervin Fischer co-founded Nienhueser-Fischer Construction Company. In 1957, Don Weber bought Ervin’s ownership and the sold it to Cliff in 1960, making Cliff the sole company owner.

Cliff started out with a small team of four to six men, and was willing to take on just about any kind of project. One of his first projects was building a barn north of town, but this was followed by his first big commercial contract; Saint Paul’s Lutheran church, a beautiful brick building on Maple street in Sidney.

In the earliest years of the company, some notable projects were the Town & Country Market (known locally as Sonny’s), the Sidney Public Library, Webber’s Furniture Store, Bailey’s Market in Scottsbluff, an addition to Sidney Senior High School, and the Sidney Sewage plant.

Three of Cliff’s sons later joined the company; Dennis in 1970, Keith in 1971, and Dave in 1972. After his sons had joined the company, they took on many more projects over the years, including; Potter State Bank, Sidney Federal S&L, Sidney Medical Services, Cheyenne County Exhibit Building, the Aviation Maintenance Building at the airport, Cheyenne County Box Culverts, Sidney & Kimball swimming pools, Glover Group Office/ Shops in Sidney and Northport, Cabela’s retail store parking lots & streets, and the Sidney Deadwood Trails bike path, just to name a few.

Cliff Nienhueser Business Hall of Fame Award

Cliff retired from the operation in 1977, but remained on the company’s board of directors along with his wife Ruth.

In 1996, Nienhueser Construction bought part of Filsinger Excavating Company and the Sidney branch of Filsinger Derailment Service. Fourteen of Filsinger’s employees joined Nienhueser’s. The excavating and derailment departments operated out of Filsinger’s shops until the spring of 2008.

Nienhueser Construction and Excavating Company bought the John Deere Company building south of Sidney on Road 113 in 2008. The main office, construction, and excavating departments were moved to this location.

The company has maintained a team of twenty to thirty employees over the years. Nienhueser employees were hard-working individuals, who took pride in their work and were dedicated to the company’s reputation for high-quality workmanship.

After all these years, the three brothers have made the decision to retire. BigIron auctions will help them sell their equipment online on the Wednesday, April 26th, 2017 auction. They will be selling everything, and will have over 500 excellent, well maintained construction items for sale, including wheel loaders, backhoes, an excavator, a crawler tractor, cable plows, and much more.

Dennis Dave and Keith Nienhueser

In the early 70's, Dennis, Dave, and Keith Nienhueser joined their father, Cliff, in the construction business. After Cliff's retirement in 1977, the Nienhueser brothers ran the company together for 40 years. 

Keith Nienhueser shared some of the rewards that he and his brothers experienced from their years in the construction and excavating business; “The reward would be being a part of an entire project, and seeing it completed from start to finish. From estimating, scheduling, ordering materials, organizing employees and subcontractors. . . and then there was just being able to look back at the projects we were involved in over the years. The whole process was very rewarding.”      

Although their many years of service will soon come to an end, the Nienhueser family has left their legacy in the form of the bricks, mortar, and concrete used to build many of Sidney’s most beloved buildings. A town’s history is shaped by the buildings that form it, and a part of the story of Sidney is preserved in the many structures that the Nienhueser’s helped construct.

Looking back, Keith Nienhueser had the following to say; “We feel we were able to do our part in the community when it came to helping out with special projects. It’s just been a pleasure to work with the community.”

To view the items that the Nienhueser brothers will be selling and to place your bid, please visit: