FFA Week: Farm Shows, FFA, and Family: Embracing Agricultural Experiences


Every year, thousands in the agricultural industry line up at farm shows to see the latest breakthroughs in technology, and the best and newest products available in their profession. Whether it’s a statewide event or a nationwide event like the National Farm Machinery Show, it’s a great chance for vendors to show what they have to offer to the industry.

A great deal of time and planning goes into these shows, and coordinating such events call for a dedicated and committed individual to make calls, book events, and get all the pieces in place to pull off a successful presentation.

For BigIron Auctions, this individual is Promotions Coordinator Melissa Pierce.

Melissa represents BigIron at these important events, and streamlines the process of showing the Ag world what BigIron has to offer.

In honor of National FFA Week, we will hear from Melissa about how her background in Agriculture and membership in FFA have helped her succeed in the Agricultural Industry.

Melissa grew up on a small farm near Waco, NE, where she first developed a deep love of agriculture.

“Whether we were out cutting hay, baling hay or working cattle, we always enjoyed the agriculture lifestyle. As my sisters and I grew older, we showed livestock at our county fair. By the time I got to high school, I knew that I wanted to be involved in FFA. Both of my sisters were involved, and I saw how it had helped them to develop leadership and professional skills. It was in FFA that my deep love for agriculture turned into a passion.”

This passion for agriculture continued to grow the more she became involved in FFA. She assumed leadership roles at the Centennial Chapter FFA; first as her Chapter’s Reporter as a Sophomore, and then as the Chapter Treasurer as a Junior. Finally, she represented her Chapter as President in her final year of high school.

Her favorite memory representing her chapter was winning Natural Resources Speaking at the Nebraska State FFA Convention.

“I put a lot of hard work in to writing my speech, memorizing it and delivery and for all the hard work to pay off was rewarding.”

Pierce’s membership in FFA gave her more than just a great resume; she met her future husband, also an FFA member, one summer at the FFA Show at the Seward County Fair.

While Melissa was still in college pursuing her Bachelor’s in Agriculture Economics, they were married. Together they farm corn and soybeans with their families, run a cow and calf operation, and are kept busy raising their young son, Tucker. They are excited to be able to give him the rural life that they experienced.

“We are excited to be able to raise our son on the farm, and hope that he will develop the same love for agriculture that brought our family together.”

Pierce definitely thinks that FFA has impacted her, at both a professional and personal level, and will continue to bring the skills she learned to the workplace.

“FFA taught me to take pride in my rural roots and embrace my agricultural experiences both good and bad. These life skills have greatly helped me at my role at BigIron: I’m able to relate to our customers and understand the importance of what we do and how we help people.”


Remembering how important her FFA school years were to her, Melissa Pierce enjoys interacting with FFA kids that visit the BigIron booth at farm shows.