FFA Week: FFA Laid Foundation of Leadership for BigIron Sales Manager


For Kurt Campbell, joining FFA was just the way that life should be;

“I don’t recall making the decision, but Ag Class and FFA was the norm for my family and friends. I think it was like learning math, that’s just what you do.”

Kurt is the District Manager for BigIron in District 8, which covers Colorado and Wyoming. As a District Manager, Campbell is responsible for recruiting and development of Independent Sales Representatives and overall business development and customer satisfaction for BigIron within the district.  He also provides the leadership required to help his team of Independent Sales Representatives reach their full potential. 

Being a District Manager is a demanding job, but he loves what he does and truly believes that he’s providing customers with a reliable, honest and valuable service.


Kurt Campbell gave a compelling presentation at the BigIron National Sales Conference in January 2017.
He shared his inspiring career experience from the starting with BigIron to developing his territory and sales team, and everything he learned along the way.

Campbell has an Ag background and grew up in eastern Nebraska, where his family owned a cattle feeding operation as well as farm and pasture land. From an early age, he enjoyed being around livestock, equipment, and farming activities. He learned all he could about feeding cattle and hay during his teenage years.

Kurt was active in Bloomfield, NE high school’s FFA and learned about Agriculture Practices & Livestock.  It was here that he learned work habits that would later deliver rewards for his hard work and dedication. 

He recalls his time in the organization: “Judging contests, field trips, and extra time in Ag Class were at the top of the list of my favorite memories. State Convention was probably the most exciting, as we traveled and toured the ‘big city’ of Lincoln to compete with other FFA chapters.”

After graduating high school Kurt headed west to continue his education in Farm & Ranch Management at Eastern Wyoming College in Torrington, Wyoming. He stayed active in the livestock industry throughout college, and after earning his degree he started his own cattle business. 

In early 2000, he shifted his focus to the real estate and auction business, and spent his early career years affiliated with a well-known local Torrington auction company. In 2010, Kurt joined the larger and nationally recognized BigIron Auction team and continues to be involved with agriculture producers in the Rocky Mountain area.  

Besides his extensive background in the Ag industry and his role as an auctioneer, Kurt credits his time in FFA as helping him in his current role, and explains how it influences the way he teaches his ISRs how to build their own business with BigIron.

“The core values taught in Agriculture and the FFA organization provide tools to build. Honesty and work ethic is built within the FFA organization, which helps everyone be the best that they can be!”


Kurt poses for a photo with a group of FFA kids visiting the BigIron booth at the Colorado Farm Show in 2017.

When asked about the importance of having an FFA organization in each school, Kurt has some great thoughts.

“The people and other students you participate with often become lifelong friends. With the FFA program, students can learn about livestock, farming, sales, business, and entrepreneurship. The opportunity is there for each member to excel in so many different parts of the agriculture business and beyond.”

As Kurt continues to develop his district and build a great BigIron team, he will keep the values he has learned through his background in agriculture, work experiences, and the FFA organization; 

“Although it was many decades since I was involved with FFA, I do believe it has helped me be the person I am today, both personally and professionally. I certainly believe that a strong foundation is required to build a future.”


Kurt Campbell with his District 8 sales team at the BigIron National Sales Conference in January 2017.