Rural Women: Recent Grad with New Roots


In honor of International Day of Rural Women, today we will hear from Jordan Bonham, a recent college graduate working as a Grain Origination Associate at Cargill in Albion, NE.

jordan-headshotAs any recent graduate who moves to a new place can tell you, it’s tough to leave what you know behind and start your career in a new community. When Jordan Bonham decided to move from her hometown to work at Cargill in Albion, Nebraska, it was intimidating at first. However, she quickly fell in love with the small Midwestern community that she now calls home.

She grew up on her family’s farm in southwestern Ohio where she couldn’t drive across town without running into someone she knew. “I’m a ‘people person’ so moving to a new place where I didn’t know anyone was a big adjustment for me. However, my mother jokes that I could make conversation with a concrete sidewalk, so while it was an adjustment not knowing anyone initially, it hasn’t taken me long to make friends.” She said with a laugh.


Jordan had always dreamed of working in the Agricultural Industry, and she worked hard to obtain a Bachelor’s of Science in Agricultural Communication, with two minors in Production Agriculture & International Social and Economic Development. She was offered an internship at Cargill the summer before her senior year of college.

Based on her positive experiences with her internship and her summer in Nebraska, she knew it was where she needed to be and a place to call home. “The Cargill team in Nebraska and especially in Albion is second to none. I worked in Albion for three months before my senior year of college and knew it was a tremendous place that would allow me to grow as a person and learn from exceptional people, both at Cargill and in the community. Cargill and Albion have something very much in common; they both have a family atmosphere and welcoming ambience.”


She has had many great opportunities with Cargill, such as being a part of the content team for Cargill’s SafeHorizons initiative, which strives to create virtual and in-person experiences to continuously generate safety awareness at work and at home for Cargill employees. She is also the lead for the Virtual Recruiting Team for Cargill Agricultural Supply Chain North America (CASCNA) Agricultural Sales business, a role that has allowed her to interact and speak with students across the country about exciting new advancements in the field of agriculture and opportunities within her company.

When asked what advice she gives to these young people trying to break into the agricultural industry, her answer was inspiring and introspective:

“Never take no for an answer and ‘get in over your head’ a few times. Determination, hard work and confidence will get you through anything in this industry. I’ve learned the most about myself and who I am when I’ve put too much on my plate. The opportunities in this industry are unimaginable and extremely diverse. I have a strong faith and use that faith to drive my everyday actions. I lean on Colossians 3:23 to empower me to reach for my full potential. Find what drives you and never, ever stop pushing your limits.”

While it may have been tough to move at first, it’s clear that this move was a positive one for her. “Each week I’m seeing more and more familiar faces, running into people I know, and getting more involved in a welcoming community. It’s been a great feeling!”