Deadlines Approaching: Harvest Equipment Auctions 2018


Is it time to prepare for Harvest? Consider participating as a buyer or seller in BigIron’s Harvest Equipment Auctions the last two Wednesdays in August as a part of your preparation for the upcoming season.

Another busy planting season is winding down across the United States. Even though one season has ended for our nation’s hardworking crop producers, another important event on every farmer’s calendar will be here before we know it; Harvest.

Harvest is something those of us in the Ag industry look forward to every year; only a farmer understands the excitement of getting that combine out of the shed in the fall! However, sometimes that combine just isn’t what she used to be; many seasons in the field and storage in the shed can lead to a costly repairs and hours spent on maintenance.


To keep your operation running smoothly, sometimes upgrading your equipment and selling the old is the answer. Selling your equipment as part of an equipment update strategy can help you cut costs and keep your farming operation running smoothly.

BigIron’s Annual Harvest Auctions draw a large buying crowd of bidders looking for equipment in advance of the season. These large auctions are the perfect time to get your equipment seen by a huge, nationwide audience.


Or, maybe you’re not looking to upgrade, and just want to downsize and make the most of your unused equipment. Once you’ve sold your unused equipment, you’ll have a little extra cash flow to put back into your farming operation. We all have that long to-do list of repairs and other investments we’d like to make, and you might be able to check a few off the list after your sale!

The deadline to list equipment on our Harvest Auctions is July 19th and 26th.

If you’re worried about getting your equipment ready to sell in time, don’t be; your local BigIron Rep will put in the hard work for you, and our proven selling system will get your equipment seen by a large nationwide audience.

If you decide that selling is right for you, give us a call and we’ll get you in touch with your local rep to get started. We’re on your team and will see your sale through from start to finish, so that you can enjoy an efficient, bountiful harvest this year!