Increase the Lifespan and Value of Your Equipment

Auto mechanic working

Here’s a scenario:

You’ve just bought yourself a pre-owned, but like-new tractor from at a great price.Case Steiger sold on BigIron Auctions

Pleased with your purchase, you’re ready to get it rolling and get some work done. However, before you get the job done it’s important to ensure you’re doing what you can to add longevity to your machine and get the best out of your purchase.

Taking care of your equipment also helps when you decide to sell in the future; you’re going to earn more with a well-oiled machine.

Read on for some strategies to keep your equipment in the field and out of the junk pile.

Preventing Rust

We’ve all seen this sad sight at some point:

rusty old car

A beautiful car from a by-gone era, abandoned in a backyard and exposed to the elements. If the original owners had thought ahead and made a point to preserve the car, their great grand children could have been cruising around in style today.

Rust is not your friend if you want your purchase to last. Here are a few pointers to help your machines keep their shine:


Exposure to rain, wind and snow is harmful, so storing your equipment in a clean, dry shed is the key. If you do not have enough inside storage space, BigIron often has metal storage units and agricultural buildings on sale from time to time, so check around the website to get a good deal on a solid shelter for your investments. Click here to see if anything is coming up in the building category on BigIron soon. 

Pressure Washing

Cleaning your equipment on a regular basis is a good practice. It’s only natural that dirt and grime will build up in the gears and moving parts while at work, so sticking to a frequent cleaning schedule is beneficial.

Investing in a good pressure washer is an easy and effective way to clean larger equipment as well as individual parts. Just stand a few feet away from the equipment, and use different attachments to efficiently clean all of the various parts.

Wax and other Sealants

If you want a little extra protection from the weather, consider using wax to fight rust and corrosion. To make sure you have the right coating for the metal type of your item, check out this handy chart.

Coating for Metals

Inspect and Maintain

It’s better to be safe than sorry when it comes to equipment you’ve spent thousands of dollars on. Sure, you could repair it later, but preventing damage and finding potential problems early on can save you money. . . and a major headache.

General Maintenance

Make sure all of the parts are working correctly by frequently checking the various parts of your equipment. Here are some general areas to pay attention to:

 Check the engine oil and other fluids

 Replace or clean oil, air, and fuel filters

 Check the tires for pressure and damage, and make sure the wheel bearings are working properly

 Inspect moving parts such as belts, bearings, chains, shafts, and sprockets

 Make sure headlights, hazard lights, and signal lights are all in working condition.

 Make sure hoses and other fittings are in good shape

 Test and check batteries for corrosion

If you’ve inspected your machine and still aren’t sure that something is working like it should, check the owner’s manual or call up an expert to help you out.

Keep Spare Parts Around

parts collage

It’s a pain when something breaks down right in the middle of a job, so having spare parts around the shop is a good idea. Having to potentially wait weeks for spare parts to arrive will cost you time, money, and your overall crop quality. You can browse categories on the BigIron website to find deals on spare parts to keep on hand when things go wrong.

Invest Some Time, Save Some Cash

Following these tips can greatly increase the lifespan of your farm equipment. When your income relies on the crops you’re planting, it’s crucial to ensure the tools you’re using are properly maintained to ensure the best crop yield.

BigIron can help you find great deals on equipment, but it’s up to you to take care of your investment.

Go to BigIron today to see what deals we have for you – whether you’re buying or selling!