Rural Women: BigIron Sales Rep, Jennifer Wagner


In honor of International Day of Rural Women, today we are spotlighting Jennifer Wagner, Independent Sales Representative for BigIron Auctions.

Jennifer Wagner HeadshotJennifer Wagner was first introduced to BigIron through Cal West, Regional Sales Manager of the Western region. Cal informed her about all of the opportunities available to BigIron Independent Sales Representatives, “I have lived in Sterling, Colorado my entire life. I grew up farming and ranching, so I’ve always been involved in agriculture. I really love the small town atmosphere of Sterling, you never meet a stranger here and being upfront and honest is highly valued, things like a handshake are binding. When Cal told me I could build my own business, work with a national company in my own area, have flexible hours and have control over my income, I was interested. I decided that BigIron was for me.”

As a BigIron Independent Sales Representative, Jennifer provides a full-service approach to selling equipment online. For every item Jennifer creates a detailed description, takes quality photos and videos, and posts all the items online. Jennifer is committed to her customers and provides the best presentation of their items on the BigIron Auction national platform.

As an independent contractor, Jennifer described why this opportunity works best for her, “What appeals to me so much about being an Independent Sales Representative for BigIron is the ability to work flexible hours and the fact that I get to meet so many new people everywhere I go.”

As an independent contractor, you are continually building your own business, along with other like minded independent contractors in the field. Jennifer reflected on building her relationships within the BigIron community, “I enjoy meeting and getting to know other Independent Sales Representatives, from all over the  nation, at BigIron’s training sessions and tradeshows.

Jennifer Wagner's horse

In her free time, she loves to ride horses and enjoy the beautiful landscapes of Colorado. She even participates in women’s ranch rodeos. Her family and friends mean a lot to her, and she always sets time aside to spend with her loved ones.

Although she says that the Ag industry has its ups and downs, Jennifer thinks that it’s worth it, especially when it comes to the lasting memories and relationships she has made. Her advice for others who may experience struggles within the industry: “Keep your head up and always be friendly, mean what you say and say what you mean. Everyone likes honesty.”

Sunset Jennifer Wagner has taken