The new website offers an improved and streamlined process that makes bidding a breeze.

Placing Bids

After you are approved to bid and signed into BigIron, you can begin bidding on all online auctions. Find the item you would like to bid on and click the “BID” button to open the bidding pop in box.

Item on

TIP: Click on the number of bids to open up the bid history.

Acknowledging Changes

After the bidding box appears, you may be alerted to acknowledge changes to the item’s description before you will be allowed to place your bid.

Box for acknowledging changes to an item's description on BigIron

One-Time Bids Vs. Maximum Bids

You can either place a one-time bid or set a max bid amount. With a max bid, you are setting the maximum amount you would like to bid and the system will place bids on your behalf up to that maximum amount you set.

Item with the bidding pop-in box open

Entering and Submitting Your Bid

First, type your bid amount in the amount field. By default, the "Next Bid" amount will be showing. If you are placing a maximum bid, you'll want to check the box next to "Max Bid". After you have set your bid options, click the SUBMIT button to place your bid. The system will ask you to approve your bid amount a second time before actually applying your bid. 

Bidding Feedback

After you place a bid, there will be several indicators telling you if you are now the high bidder or if you were outbid.


  • A message will appear (in green) - “You have the highest bid.”
  • The item will pulse with a green glow.
  • Your state abbreviation will show (in green) next to the "Current Bid" price.
  • The current bid price banner will turn green.

Winning item bidding feedback is shown by green indicators


  • A message will appear (in red) - “You were outbid!
  • The item will pulse with a red glow.
  • The high bidder's state abbreviation will show (in red) next to the "Current Bid" price.
  • The current bid price banner will turn red.

Outbid indicators show in red

Watched List

Placing a bid on an item automatically puts that item in Your Watched List. Click to learn more about Your Watched List.

Bidding Video Tutorial:


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