Farmers are no strangers to challenging times.  And although the recent COVID-19 pandemic presents us all with uncertainty, we’ll weather the storm as we always do – with hard work and common sense.  Tomorrow, farmers across our great nation will quietly head out to the field to tend to their livestock, plant their crops, and meet the responsibility of feeding our nation. 

We here at BigIron Auctions understand just how vital good equipment is to our producers and are proud to be able to continue to offer our customers quality machinery at a fair price during these turbulent times.  Our weekly auctions are always online, providing you a safer way to buy and sell used equipment.  We’re also proud of the fact we don’t charge buyer fees – never have, never will.

During this current challenge, bigIron is making a few changes on our end to better ensure everyone’s safety:

  • For purchases up to $3,000, we’d like to encourage you to pay by credit card
  • For purchases over $3,000 we encourage you to call your bank and pay by wire.   
  • Current guidelines state all items won must be picked up within two weeks.  For the foreseeable future, we’re extending this to four weeks 
  • Furthermore, we offer transportation services through our trusted partner, HitchPin Logistics, if you would rather not travel too far from home.  HitchPin will contact trucking companies and coordinate the pick-up and delivery of your equipment

We’ll get through this as we always do – TOGETHER.  If you have additional questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact our Customer Support specialists at 800-937-3558.